For those looking for higher qualifications, there are a multitude of of available options. From Six Sigma certification and PMP qualified to a variety of others such as CIERP. In most corporates and professionally run businesses, qualified staff translates into better productivity which saves costs to the company in the log run. For the employee, better qualifications mean higher salary and good posts. Even though it is a symbiotic relationship, having the required qualifications can be an asset to any employee. And one of the sough after certifications is CIERP.

Certified Implementer of Enterprise Resource Planning (CIERP) is sought by employees and employers. There are various requirements and an exam that needs to be passed to earn this certification.

Earning CIERP certification means the person shows Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) processes and technology knowledge. It is more than just being able to do well on an exam though. The person with this certification needs to be able to implement this training in the everyday workforce. There are various employees that can benefit from CIERP certification. Some of the positions that are helped include ERP, a software package, and project employees such as managers, users, help desk support staff and implementers. Anyone using this type of software can benefit from earning this training and certification.

Obtaining CIERP means meeting a few important requirements. One is the candidate interested must take a four hour exam and pass this difficult exam. The actual CIERP exam has anywhere from 270 to 325 questions and each exam is unique. Anyone interested in taking the exam will be able to find it offered throughout the United States as well as in several foreign countries. Furthermore pertaining to requirements it is best that the person also have some experience with ERP practices, which could include ERP education. This requirement is actually recommended to help the candidate succeed because they will have the knowledge needed to pass the exam.

Taking the CIERP exam and earning certification has a cost. These exams and education programs cost from around $300 to more than $1000. The cost is determined by the study method the candidate uses. Study is available for self study, mentor study, class study and even seminars. Candidates can save money by studying on their own at home with the materials needed if that suits them. The seminars are usually the most expensive study route and are available at various locations throughout the year. Some companies that ask an employee to earn CIERP certification could pay for all or a portion of the process as well.

The CIERP certification has been developed in association with the University of North Carolina by the CIBRES Organization. Earning this degree helps employees advance in their profession as well as helping companies implement ERP systems. Having CIERP certification will help employees advance in their career as well. Once an employee earns this certification they are able to use CIERP following their name. The certificate will arrive in the mail for them to display as they wish.

Source by Lisa Wagner