Palm Island, Dubai has turned into an icon for the United Arab Emirate. They are well known as Palm Island, Dubai or The Palm, and they are man made islands. The Palm Island is constructed by The Palm Jebel Ali, The Palm Jumeirah, and The Palm Deira with a total of 520 kilometers long to the shoreline. The trilogy is so far the world’s largest artificial islands. It represents the largest land reclamation project in the world and can even be seen from outer space.

The Palm Jebel Ali is a cutting-edge and fantastic engineering feat that been carried out in Dubai. You are able to notice the 7-star Burj-al-Arab Hotel, which is an iconic structure in Dubai that its shape is looked like the curved sail of a sailboat. Palm Island, Dubai is being designed as a spot of entertainment and excitement with enjoyable funs. The place will also have water theme entertained around a Sea Village that facilitated with a water park that contained dolphins, killer whales and aquariums.

Palm Jumeirah is built as a luxurious and serene place for relaxation and accommodation, it is an ideal leisurely retreat as the ambiance is surrounding with peace. Palm Jumeirah of the Palm Island, Dubai includes 40 luxury hotels, 2000 villas, theaters, shopping complexes, and first Marine Park in the United Arab Emirate. They surrounded real estate and property will have three major kinds of different constructions including garden homes, canal cove town homes and signature villas, which equipped with a variety of retail outlets, cafes, community bars, and spa facilities.

The Palm Deira was announced for construction in 2004. Palm Deira spans for 14 kilometers in length and 8.5 kilometers in width and has an area of 80 square kilometers. Palm Deira is estimated to be stand in waters depth of 6 meters and reaching 22 meters below the sea level. The island will be reclaimed from numerous areas under the seabed. About one billion cubic meters of rock and sand from the United Arab Emirate needs to be used to create Palm Deira.

Previously due to short supply of beachfront land, Palm Island, Dubai was designed in order to create more beachfront land for Dubai, During the first phase interview sessions, the Dubai authorities have been scratching out a palm tree, as they wish to have more beach space to circulate the entire island. Thus, the idea of Palm Islands was born from this perspective.

With such a large amount to do and see, Palm Island, Dubai has turned to very popular to foreigners, and a lot of visitors found that Dubai’s ever developing property means that even with the relatively small size of the United Arab Emirate, there is always a new architectural wonder to expect.

If you wish to buy property or real estate in Palm Island, Dubai, you are able to benefit from one of the most desirable real estate markets in Middle East. It is also enjoying the fastest growth as a tourist destination in the world. Whatever you decide to do the Palm Island, Dubai has exceeded expectations and even has many more constructions pending to build on the Dubai real estate.

Source by Warren Peter