The autumn season has just arrived at our doorstep, and I am pretty sure a lot of homemakers and party planners out there are busy making preparations for one of the most fun occasions ever: Halloween! In a couple of weeks, we’ll all be having trick-or-treating kids knocking at our doors, or dressing up for Halloween parties either at work or at home. Are you planning a Halloween party of your own? Here are some helpful DIY suggestions you might want to consider.


Black, orange and violet have always been the popular colors associated with Halloween, and it’s not unusual to see shop owners deck their display windows with items of these colors as the holiday draws near. Spooky decorations such spider webs, makeshift coffins and headstones, skeletons, and jack-o-lanterns are also quite the fixture during this occasion, as well as creepy animals and insects like bats and spiders.

If you don’t have everything mentioned above, you don’t have to worry because a little resourcefulness will go a long way. A simple, plain black, orange or violet cloth is enough to be used as a party backdrop; use it as a canvas and decorate away! Pull out your old Halloween decor and modify them a little bit, or you could also buy some inexpensive toys appropriate for the season and use them to decorate your place.

If buying decor is out of the question, there are always printable holiday artwork available on the internet. Have them printed on cardboard or a sturdy kind of paper, cut them out and stick them on your walls, or hang them as garlands. To add a little more fun for the children, why not include little goodie bags as part of your decor as well?


There are now lots of creative ways to give everyday food a little twist to make them appropriate for certain holidays and celebrations; the only limit is your imagination.

Because trick-or-treating is popular during this holiday, most of the delicacies prepared for Halloween parties are pastries and sweets. Candied apples, cookies and cupcakes are popular, as well as assorted candies which can be sorted out into separate small packages, ready to be given out. Be creative with the food you prepare, because they will also add to the overall look of your party! Here are some ideas:

• When preparing cookies, use Halloween cookie cutters to create shapes like bats, pumpkins, or skulls. If you don’t have these cookie cutters available, you can always just draw on or decorate your cookies with a thin layer of colored frosting.

• Make your candied apples look spooky by drizzling white (for a spider web effect) or red (for a bloody effect) syrup on them. Or, dip them directly on red syrup and let it drip against a white plate for a completely bloody-looking dessert.

• Add a little fun to your cupcakes by putting some gummy worms on brown, mud-looking frosting. You could also put in some non-edible trinkets (plastic spiders or other creepy insects), but be careful as the kids might actually eat them!

• Mix drinks and add a little food coloring into them, like green for an icky, slimy appearance, or red for a bloody thirst quencher. Decorate your glasses with fake eyeballs for the complete experience.


If you’re tired of the usual costume party and picking out who has the most unique or scariest costume, why not try having a masquerade? Or, since anime and comic books are also still very popular, why not throw a cosplay party and see which of your friends are creative enough to come up with the most convincing costumes.

Do you have a nice, big backyard? If so, then a Halloween scavenger hunt is in order. Ask the children to find as many spooky stuff as possible from the objects you’ve hidden and give extra prizes to whoever wins. Pumpkin decorating and apple bobbing are activities that are also quite popular during Halloween. If you want additional fun for the kids, you could always have a face-painting booth somewhere. I’m sure the kids will love it.

Have you gotten any bright ideas? I sure hope you did. Now go out there and plan a fun Halloween party that your family will surely enjoy! Have fun!

Source by Nicky Jarvis