Acronym for Project Management Professional, PMP certification exam inquires your skills and knowledge in heading and prominent teams, along with the delivery of the project results. Reckoned by numerous companies and organizations, if you have acquired good result in PMP exam then definitely you are at an upper edge. In fact, successfully clearing PMP certification might be provides you a better opportunity to jobs and in your promotion too. Playing a vital role in your life, PMP certification can really work wonders for you, and your career. The four hour exam is entirely computer based and has been conducted usually at the major PMI’s i.e. Project Management Institutes.

The certification includes 6 major arenas that are:

1. Project Initiation

2. Project Planning

3. Project Executing

4. Project Controlling

5. Project Closing

6. Professional responsibility.

The questions asked in the exam are in multiple choice formats, constituting 200 items, out of which 175 will be graded and 25 are pre release questions. Main core attention of the exam involves planning, execution and control areas. In fact, PMP training is all about the responsibility and vision you have towards your profession and social environment. This is the reason that the leadership competency has been given appropriate recognition and credit in the PMP certification exam. PMI believes that it plays a vital role in any organization for the project professionals. As far as passing the PMI exam is concerned, you really need to answer at least 137 questions correct out of 200 ones.

After completing the test, you will attain your result immediately once you press the submit button. Irrespective of the result and the level of preparation required one must go for the PMP certification for professional enhancement and always try to move on in your life by grooming yourself more and more and for better. This certification is sought by project managers as it is a proof of their rigorous training, knowledge, experience and expertise in this field. Those project managers who take the additional steps and work towards this certification often receive acknowledgment for their expertise in this field of project management. There are vast benefits for obtaining the PMP credential. Managers who hold the PMP credential are often paid more than their counterparts who are non-certified. Holding a PMP certification can lead you to better career opportunities as this program is recognized and respected worldwide in the business community. It can help boost your professional marketability and add weight to your resume and thus stand out among your future employers.

Above all the meticulous preparation involved in obtaining this certification is bound to hone and craft your skills and knowledge to a higher level. After going through this training you are bound to be a better mentor and teacher. However it is to be noted that project managers cannot apply for this test unless they have at least 4,500 hours of experience in project management. Before earning a PMP certification the project managers must have experience in these six categories, initiating a project, planning a project, executing a project, controlling a project, closing a project and professional responsibility. As you can see this certification can be vital for a project manager to rise in his career.

Source by Sachin Yadav