When first getting started with your business, you are told to identify your ‘why’ and develop your vision. These will be the framework for putting together your business plan.

These first steps are crucial to help you identify the audience you are going to target and resonate with. Get clarity on your vision and who you want to be. From that development the ideal customer you want to deal with will emerge.

Ask yourself who are the people you want to be your customers and who you want to spend quality business time with. Start attracting those people to you now.

I used to blame my problems on other people. My moment of clarity came when I looked in the mirror one day and burst into tears. It wasn’t because I looked bad, but realized my problem was me.

When you have that moment you realize nobody else in your external world is responsible for your success or failure but you. The things and people you attract to your business are because of the thoughts and visions you have for yourself. What you focus on expands. What you make mental images of in your head, is what you will have.

Your brain and sub-conscious will conspire to give you the images you make. Don’t sit around and dwell on what you don’t have, but what you will be. Your brain doesn’t understand the ‘do’ or ‘don’t, but only a verb or a noun.

You can reprogram your brain by the thoughts you intentionally put in your brain. Things like affirmations, prayer and meditation can literally reprogram your brain. Intentionally state your wishes and purpose for yourself. Set your intentions for what you want to build. It will go from your vision, to your purpose, to your message and then to your audience who wants to hear your message.

By doing this, you will never have trouble targeting the right audience. You will be the person you want to work with and start attracting the same people to you. It starts with your vision of who you want to be.

Dare to invent the future. Have you had that spark deep inside where you want to be that trailblazer or make history? What sparks the passion in you? Getting to the core of yourself is the only way you will communicate to the core of someone else. This will make them want to take action and this will build an army of raving fans instead of reluctant customers.

Source by Dee Carlson