One of the challenges, for those, seeking self – improvement, etc, is, there are so many different explanations, available, for, precisely what it implies, and, precisely, the necessary components, and proper application, in terms of our personal development. Most of us recall the line, from the movie, Happy Gilmore, when the character, acted and portrayed by Adam Sandler, was instructed to, Go to your happy place, whenever he had significant self – doubt, anger, confusion, etc. Each of us, should learn from this, we are not perfect, and, consistently seek to improve, and enhance our skills, attitude, etc. Having been involved in training and developing others, for four decades, and attempting to help them bring – out, their personal best, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, review and discuss, the essential components of personal development, including training, learning, applying/ using, and self – help.

1. Training: Personal development training, is often challenging to introduce, because, it often varies, from trainer to trainer, because of various theories, philosophies, approaches, styles, and how the message is articulated! If you are serious about becoming better, opt for someone, who does not over – simplify, the necessities, nor tries to sell additional products and services. Rather, get trained by a professional, whose training program and presentation, focuses on practical, relevant, realistic ideas, and philosophies. Consider, who, and why, you choose a particular guru, or gurus?

2. Learning: We’ve all met people, who have attended many of these types of programs, yet, still, appear to lack, any significant degree of self – confidence, nor have a true, positive, can – do, attitude (rather than simply using some words). Training must be transformed to meaningful, effective, personally relevant learning, or it will have less than an optimal impact! This means, the message and concepts must become, somewhat, second – nature, and an integral component, of one’s everyday existence.

3. Applying, using: How one applies the concepts and ideas, and, whether or not, he uses them, consistently, is a major part, of whether, one is being positively enhanced, because of his personal development! You’ll only develop, in a meaningful way, when/ if, you apply the ideas, and approaches, you’ve learned, consistently, and proceed, to consistently use them, in a positive manner.

4. Self – help: If you wish to develop your skills, attitude, etc, you must continue, well – beyond, the lessons and courses, you attend! Rather, you must use these concepts, to discover, which is best for you, and to proceed, consistently, to provide yourself, with relevant, meaningful, effective, self – help. Different techniques are more effective, for some, than others, and you must identify, which is best, for you! Some of these devices, include, positive affirmations, self – hypnosis, etc, but, the most essential concept is, whichever you opt for, it’s important to maintain the momentum, by doing a little bit, every day. Personal development and enhancement, does not come, overnight, but rather is created and developed, by one’s consistent application, personal beliefs, and willingness, to expand, the self – imposed limits, of your comfort zone!

We all, can, and should, continuously, consistently, evolve, and become the best, we might become! Will you take this concept seriously, and develop, in the most applicable, personal manner?

Source by Richard Brody