One key ingredient to attracting more money fast is the ability to keep our mind squarely upon things which make us feel wealthy. There is the passive focus and there is the full deeper inner concentration that must happen at the deeper levels of the mind. The ability to feed the law of attraction with rich thoughts of wealth are a necessity to manifesting more money fast.

One of the hardest aspects of manifesting money is our is our inability to maintain a strong belief. We are all faced with limited thinkers and disempowering information all day long. As a result we continue to attract the same old frustrating situation because we don’t know how to take our energy away from what we don’t want and return it to what we want.

Because our predominant focus goes to those things which make us feel scarcity and lack we continue to attract more things which mirror poverty and lack. As you can see you have to be willing to learn and know how to gain that most valuable thing called focus. The following step can help us take control of our life.

Here are 3 Steps to Applying a deep mental focus in order to manifest faster results.

1. ) Attract new conditions by first entering a new routine in your life – You need to get a new and refreshed view of your life, this is something you cannot easily do when you are running through your normal routine.

2. ) Breath in Thoughts Make You Feel Abundant – Breathing helps the mind to be free and unstuck in the heavy stats of lack, fear and doubt. When your emotions are high and positive you become a greater manifesting magnet. Opened breathing increases your mental and spiritual energy.

Many ancient techniques are rooted in the science of breathing. You can increase feelings of joy by breathing deeply.

3. ) Powerful Repetition Leads to Powerful Results – Repeating powerful affirmative statements does a lot to keep all of your energy on your goals. You can increase power to your desires with the right use of affirmations. As you increase your thoughts in the direction of manifesting more money you will remove any mental blocks that you have towards money. Your ability to become a money magnet will shift you into feelings of power rather than fear of not having.

There are ancient tools which empower these techniques to intense levels. So start with these but keep on growing and learning. As you take your learning to deeper truths you can begin to see results which seem magical.

Source by Daniel Hinds