Are you looking for tips on how to sing deep or to just deepen your voice overall? This can give you more singing range and even help the sound of your voice when you’re just talking. Men especially are often concerned with having a deeper voice but women too may find their voice is too “pitchy” or may sound nasally as well.

You can learn singing deep with a few simple tips to consider. First, remember to strengthen your diaphragm muscles in order to deepen your voice. This means working on your breathing; take deep, full breaths. They should be deliberate breaths that you pull slowly and hold for a few seconds before exhaling. You can also try panting quickly and deeply as well to strengthen the diaphragm.

Second, mind your posture. Remember that singing comes not just from the throat but from many different muscles in the body. Good posture will help those muscles to be properly aligned and ready to support that deep voice. Think of having a long tail that extends past your tailbone and how you want to stand up enough to support that tail. This will help train your posture to support those muscles as well. You also need to raise your chest and pull the shoulders back a bit so they too are properly aligned.

Learning how to sing deep is not difficult if you practice these simple tips. It helps to try them in between singing sessions. When you’re at a microphone is not the time to start practicing your breathing! Your posture especially is something that should be a part of your everyday life; if you work on it regularly you’ll just have naturally supportive posture. Try these tips and see if you don’t notice a beautiful deepening of your singing voice!

Source by Ty Samuelson