Not that I have anything against guys who talk with high pitched voices, but talking with such as voice tone can really irritate some people, and make them have a different impression of who you are. If you want to know how to make your voice deeper, then this article might help you out a bit. But before we dive into the various ways and Tips on how to deepen your voice – and starting talking like a real man, I want to first address the importance of your voice tone and how it can help you to enjoy life more.

It is no longer a secret that people with deep voices have all the advantages you can think of. No doubt it has been noted that confidence level can be directly proportional the sound of your voice. This means that people with deep voices usually have a great degree of confidence than people with just normal or worst still high pitched squeaky voices.

There are many more advantages of having a deep voice and some of these advantages include: attract the opposite sex, get more dates, gain respect when you talk, impress people more, a deep voice can help you during a job interview, a deep voice can help give you a job promotion, having a deep voice will make people always take you seriously when you talk, and many other advantages I can’t even think of. So if you want to get all these advantages, you should learn How To Make Your Voice Deeper., and here are some few tips that can help you.

First off, if you want a deep, gravelly voice, you should drink water, talk from your abdomen, and eat foods that build up mucus in your throat like milk or chocolate. You should also stay away from milk and chocolate on days that that you have an important speech. Make sure you don’t talk from your nose as your voice will turn to be squeaky and high pitched.

Also remember to always take long breaths when you talk. This breathing thing is very important as it will give your lungs and voice box the necessary strength to produce deeper notes. Also, make sure you talk slowly and softly. Your posture can also be of great importance when it comes to learning how to make your voice deeper. And you can get the right posture by testing different potions and adapt the one that gives you the best results.

Source by Sean Harrod