The advantage of belonging to a certain religion and believing in god helps you to strengthen your hope for a better living. Strong religious values protect an individual from losing self-integrity as he always thinks and acts rightly as if god is watching and recording his deeds for hereafter compensation.

Today – personal development for personal goal setting, motivation and leadership is readily accessible through books, internet and seminars which are developed by experts. This literature of personal development doesn’t talks about religion but talks about personal development through dreaming big and achieving big in one’s own lifetime.

It’s OK to use such material for self growth but if you also read and understand your religious values in line with it – may help you to find more answers for your life and prosperity. Most of the literature of personal development is borrowed from various religious scriptures as well as wonderful sayings of sages and philosophers who selflessly and immaterially sought progress in their respective lives and influenced others to greatness.

Value describes the beliefs of an individual and it can be ethical, religious or social. Some of the religious values such as affection, charity, compassion, control, courage, devotion, faith, etc. cannot be avoided all together in pursuit of self development. Your value system should be a blend of religious as well as personal values aimed at enhancing your character as a person.

In order to incorporate religious values for personal development consider the following:

Read your religious book as a primary guiding force in your life, as it will shed some light upon your own life existence, brings you closer to god and helps you to clean cobwebs surrounding your spirituality.

Follow the principles and beliefs of your religion and let your mind soak in it fully – it doesn’t means becoming zealot but it means enriching your life spiritually and there by getting well along with others

Never compromise your religious values even for slightest materialistic gains – avoid the temptation to deceive yourself religiously and as a person by engaging yourself in activities that comes under the definition of a crime – small or big.

Remember that personality development is a continuous journey regardless of your age. It’s better if you start developing your persona early by reading contents associated with it. Personal development through any channel whether religious books or books written by modern authors increases your self-awareness, knowledge, talents, skills, and helps you to have a successful life.

Source by Tauseefuddin Khan