Are you one of those people that are aware of the amazing benefits of meditation yet just cant seem to get it right? As I’m sure you know the benefits of meditation are practically endless. The point of meditation is to relax the mind and allow yourself to be at a total state of bliss and rid yourself of all the mind chatter. Thus creating an escape from the physical world that you seem to be stuck in.

If your like a lot of people who can’t sit still or just aren’t seeing results when they sit down to meditate. You may be interested to know about a meditation technology called binaural beats which people have been using for decades. A binaural guided meditation mp3 is what enabled to me to experience my first legitimate meditation experience.

The science behind binaural beats is that of certain frequencies becoming in tune with the mind thus relaxing your mind and body into a serene state of nirvana. The trick is to wear headphones, if you played binaural beats through your stereo speakers. The sounds would not be delivered to your brain properly. Through the use of headphones each of your ears is delivered a separate frequency simultaneously. Only after a few minutes for the frequencies to adjust to your mind will you begin to slip away easily and effortlessly into your happy place.

With binaural beats buzzing on your ears the guess work is taken out of meditation. how did you feel when you just sat there in silence but just wasn’t sure if you were meditating correctly? By attuning your mind to the binaural frequencies there becomes a significant change in body chemistry. This change in body chemistry has been scientifically proven. It is a sensation that you can physically feel and you will know you have done it right. It is almost as if a cacoon of warm, vibrant loving energy has engulfed your body and you certainly won’t want to leave this state of mind once you’ve arrived.

Through meditation you begin to experience a greater understanding of your perceived world. Once you’ve started on your path you will only grow stronger and stronger as you realize the possibilities of your infinite nature. Either through a guided meditation mp3 or your own methods of spiritual growth stay on the path and continue to grow.

Source by Mathew Dunn