Many people use meditation as a way to self affirmation and or as a means to cope with certain problems areas in life or simply as a way to relax. Delta Boost Sleep & Meditation Mp3 Program claims to be a unique way to meditate in order to achieve personal growth and self improvement by listening to mp3’s through stereo headphones. The program is made up of harmonious blends of ambient music including nature sounds. There are no voices in the Delta Boost program but a person can add affirmation voice overs to the mp3’s for that personal touch.

Delta Boost claims to be perfect for people wanting to start with meditation and it can deepen the meditation experience for people that have been meditating for years. It is said that a lot of physical and health related problems are caused by a lack of sleep and being stressed and one way of beating insomnia and the inability to relax is by meditating. This meditation software claims to be perfect to achieve a good rejuvenating sleep by way of mental and physical relaxation. By relaxing and listening to the mp3’s in the Delta Boost program it is claimed a person will experience an increase in delta brainwave activity and enjoy the benefits associated with this stimulus.

Delta Boost Sleep & Meditation Mp3 Program works by stimulating the delta brainwave. This brainwave is considered to be the most relaxing brainwave frequency range and is associated with deep sleep as found in infants as well as adults in deep sleep. This level of unconscious awareness the body replenishes energy and releases hormones that help with anti aging. The mp3’s found in the program has been embedded with special frequencies in order to help bring the mind to a delta brainwave state. Some benefits of this meditating state include: relaxation, reduce anxiety attacks, lowers blood pressure, enhances the immune system and helps eliminate negative emotional stress. There are three options available to choose from depending on a person’s specific needs.

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