There are many claims made for some bizarre sounding treatments that are often labeled “alternative”, but while some of them seem to lack any scientific basis whatsoever, one alternative therapy that certainly may prove to be beneficial in helping get rid of a cold sore is meditation.

The reason is simply this; one of the biggest factors in helping trigger a cold sore outbreak is stress because it helps suppress the immune system, which in turn is unable to fight the cold sore virus. The virus is then able to reactivate, replicating and moving from the base of the nerve cells it usually inhabits while in its dormant state towards the skin surface, where it forms the cold sore blister.

Taking a proactive attitude towards relaxation can therefore reduce the likelihood of a cold sore attack, as can any other way of boosting the immune system. While the immune system can benefit through lysine supplements, changing to a more balanced diet and taking exercise, achieving mental and physical relaxation through meditation is also a valid technique. And since the immune system is also involved in healing the cold sore it makes sense that meditating while in the healing stage can also offer benefit to the cold sore sufferer.

Simply making time to spend 10 to 15 minutes each day to practice breathing meditation will help and in addition to helping calm your nerves and finding an inner peace, you will also find over time that you become generally calmer and able to deal better with stressful situations.

The first step in meditation is to free the mind from distractions. You should find somewhere you feel comfortable, away from any distractions. Although it is usual to relate meditation to the lotus position, in fact all you need to do is find somewhere comfortable to sit upright.

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Without actually trying to control the depth or rapidity of breathing you should notice become aware of your breathing as you breath in and out through your nostrils. By focusing your entire mind on your breathing and eliminating any other thought you should find yourself becoming calmer and more relaxed. After 15 minutes you should feel quite refreshed. You may like to take a few more minutes to enjoy the sensation of deep relaxation that follows meditation before continuing with the rest of your day.

While there is no hard proof that meditation can be used to get rid of a cold sore, it is certainly true that stress plays a role in the formation of cold sores and it does make sense that dealing with stress proactively may offer benefits to healing. Whether or not it actually does help heal your lesions faster, there are so many other benefits to meditation that you may choose to continue with it anyway.

Source by JoBeth Levina