The Internet has provided many different opportunities to start or learn a new career and getting the right CAD training is a step in the right direction for people who want to latch onto a new career that is software based or for anyone seeking to upgrade their computer aided design knowledge and skills. With the right AutoCAD training, the experts suggest that graduates can earn anywhere from $40,000 to $50,000 a year.

An Engineering Or Other Background

Like a lot of the other careers that you can start out on, it’s best if you have a background in a similar discipline before you start down the path to learning CAD. This career is a lot like others in that it’s best if you have a solid foundation to start with before you attempt to learn the software involved, as any cad software tends to be a complimentary tool to the knowledge you already have as well as a route to increased productivity.

The drawings of engineering parts, consumer products and buildings as well as many other projects that you will embark on through your CAD career always work out better when you’ve got a sensible background in engineering or architecture for example to start with.

However the starting point for a career in this line of work isn’t exclusively a domain of engineering graduates. The experts here suggest that you can jump into CAD training and become a profession designer with experience in a variety of different fields. For example, there are auto mechanics who have become proficient designers with the right software training. Still to get started you’ll need some CAD training and some manner of experience to use as a springboard.

Equally if you already have 2d CAD experience then you may well want to consider 3D cad training or 3D solid modeling depending on your particular discipline. 3D is becoming the mainstream for many businesses and is no longer seen as a black art as modern software has been developed for ease of use to enable mass adoption in the market place.

Finding the place to get that training is something that you need to take a little time with as the better the place, the better the education that you will receive. There are on-line courses available as well as self paced DVD tutorials but experts and most candidates agree that there is no substitute to classroom based training especially if you are learning the software for the first time.

Another important aspect to consider here is design and CAD software in general is always improving so it is important you continually build on your education as this will not only help your business and personal worth but it will also aid your personal growth too.

Modern CAD software also encompasses a huge range of functionality over and above the core drawing and modeling tools but many businesses fail to take advantage of this and therefore never get the best return on investment, so its also worth understanding the software you use as well as possible so you can advise your business accordingly.

A typical example of this is Architectural visualization; most architectural software has rendering capability for high quality client visuals or even walk through movies but this is often outsourced and yet with a little training this aspect can be brought in-house which will save the business money and give you the ability to increase your own personal skill set into the bargain.

When you’re looking to shift gears and set yourself up on a new career path, or increase your current skill set and earning potential, investment in initial and ongoing CAD training is will help you along your chosen career path

Source by Dave Talbot