Let’s face it, we’re all humans and we’re not perfect. Every single one of us needs improvements in our lives and we all need to take steps in order to do so. You may hear about people improving their lives and filling their lives with positivity but you may wonder what they are doing. It’s very simple; it’s all about changing your thoughts and putting your mind in a state of positivity and at the same time pushing the negative thoughts away. Some may find it hard and others may find it easy but at the end, for those who do so, go through a significant transformation in their lives.

A key point in personal development is defining awareness. Defining awareness goes into several small branches but basically those branches are dealing with bringing about awareness to one’s priorities, values, ethics, lifestyle, and goals. Each one of the mentioned branches is an important component in a person’s life.


One component of personal development is about improving one’s lifestyle. Personal development is all about taking small steps to improve the current status of an individual. There are stories of people who we making minimum wage and through personal development made thousands of dollars a month and had more money than they need; that’s what this development does.


For a proper change in anyone’s life certain goals must be set. They don’t have to be big goals but little goals. I say little goals because goals must be realistic in order to reach an ultimate big goal and let’s face it most big goals are not realistic. If someone is working at a minimum wage job, that person will not be able to afford a BMW. That person has to take little steps in order to acquire the money to buy a luxury car. The goals should be set in a step-wise fashion:

1. The individual should apply to a technical school or a 4-year college.

2. Apply for a financial help to pay for tuition.

3. The individual has to study hard at school.

4. Then finish school with a degree technical or a bachelor’s degree.

5. Get a good paying job.

6. Save up the money.

7. And then buy the car.

I just gave a simple example of goal setting for not only buying a BMW but also for financial security. Goals are like a staircase, each forthcoming step is important and used in reaching the next step.


Everyone has priorities and those priorities should always come first before anything. Some people make their families their priority above anything. Others place their jobs as a top priority because they need a constant income in order to survive. In personal development, people set priories that they find shape their lives. I know one person who valued his religion and he made praying as his top priority; he’s not even religious but his conduct and personality was shaped on his belief on GOD.


Ethics relates to the philosophy of morality. If you want a better life, you should do so without resulting to violence and illegal activities. To be ethical is to be moral, and to be moral is based on the conduct of right or wrong. When conducting yourself you should stay on the path of right; something right would be doing something that society would not reject. In order to gain wealth you should limit your activities to the right path, if you don’t then it will harm you on the long run. I remember hearing about this internet marketer called the “The Rich Jerk”. He used to brag about the babes he got due to all the money he had and the luxury cars he drove. On his website he would sell his program on how to make money online. Well last year or so the owner of that program went bankrupt and I read that he lied about being rich and he was telling people false stories about his riches. The owner of the program went the wrong path and it caught up with him in the long run.


In personal development an individual’s values define how that person will develop himself or herself. Certain values are important to certain people, in this case, millionaires. Some millionaires value family life a lot and they like staying home and spend time with their families and so they bring their work home. Other millionaires value their physical image and they spend thousands of dollars on their outfits and looks. Some religious millionaires value helping the poor a lot so, they donate a handsome amount of money to charity. If you have values which are important to your life that don’t let it go because it will shape the way you develop your personality while accumulating wealth.

Source by Sunny Jay