If you were to sit down and write a Dell OptiPlex 980 review, what will you focus on? Will you focus on the fact that it was made by a reputable company? That it is quite affordable in relation to the features it has? That it is one of the most suitable computers for small and medium sized enterprises?

Well, as the area where you will choose to concentrate on is up to you to decide. However for my case, I have chosen to concentrate on answering one question: why does the Dell OptiPlex 980 sell?

Increased Performance

If you have worked with other OptiPlex models and admired their performance, you will be amazed by the amount of juice that you will be able to draw from the Dell OptiPlex 980. The reason why this computer performs better than its predecessors is because it has employed the technology of the Intel core i5 and Intel core i7 processors. These processors are designed to handle a huge amount of work at a go. This makes them very suitable in environments where the user is required to work on several tasks at the same time. This increased performance also makes them very useful when it comes to the handling of complex programs and heavy engineering software.


Another reason that you will see in this Dell OptiPlex 980 review that makes the computer in question sell a lot, is the fact that like all other OptiPlex models, the Dell OptiPlex 980 is designed in such a way as to be very secure. Security in IT is one of the major challenges facing small and medium sized enterprises. The cyber world is filled with people who have got ulterior motives and are always looking for ways to stealing from you. This means that you should always be ready to protect the information that you have from misuse and abuse. The unfortunate thing however is that these businesses rarely have the financial muscle to heavily invest in the IT security. It is here that the Dell OptiPlex 980 beats other computer brand: providing advanced security that protects both the data and the hardware.

As I conclude this Dell OptiPlex 980 review, I would like to emphasize the fact that despite the fact that this is an excellent machine, it is not necessarily what is good for you. You need to sit down and see what your needs are before plunging yourself to buying this computer.

Source by Nadav Snir