Online project management has its benefits. The advantages are unparallel if you compare them with in-house software or conventional project management tools. However, simply because the practice of online management is rewarding doesn’t necessarily imply that every solution is worthwhile. There are excellent online project management solutions and there are many that fall short substantially. Here are four quintessential attributes that you must look for.

• Security is the most significant element when looking. It is nice when a company reassures you that their systems are very safe and that you are not vulnerable to any kind of cyber threat. But that claim needs to be backed up with evidence. Unless it is substantiated, it is just a promise that you cannot be certain of being fulfilled. You must delve into the details. Ask the company what measures it has taken to ensure that its servers are protected from all kinds of threats. It is not just your typical virus or malware that would target the servers. The company will have to thwart phishing, worms and hacks. You must also enquire about the level of encryption the company resorts to so the data is protected.

• Reliability is the second most important attribute. Online project management is usually reliable because the infrastructure is substantially more advanced and there are contingency as well as redundancy plans in place. However, you must get into the details. Ask the company how they ensure that their servers don’t go down and if they do then what steps does the company take to ensure that you get switched to another server and that all your data as well as the tools are still available to your entire workforce. You cannot afford to have your access to online project management cut off due to no fault of yours.

• Scalability is one of the most notable advantages of online management. However, you can only scale up if the company offering the service has the infrastructure to back it up. Many companies oversell. They tend to exhaust their capacity, be it the server space, the bandwidth or other features of their plans. You should not deal with a company that has this practice. Scalability should not be attained at the cost of efficiency.

• Finally, focus on the online project management tools that you would get getting access to. They are just as important for productivity as a firewall is for security.

Source by Phil E Williams